shut2000 shut2000.exe
Filesize: 42.4 KiB
Platform(s): Windows® 98-2000


Microsoft® Visual Basic® 6.0 Run-Time files

shut2ooo is a shutdown forcer for Windows 9x/2000, which really works because it's based on a Microsoft documented issue on the ExitWindowsEx function.

Usage is preety simple. shut2ooo behaves like a command-line application. All you have to do is to run shut2ooo executable with one of the command-line switches:

  • -L <Log off>
  • -R <Restart>
  • -S <Shut down>

The easiest way to do this from Windows is to create a shortcut to shut2ooo.exe and to add a switch in target box after the quotes and a trailing space. Ofcourse, setup program does this all by itself. In standard installation option are included four shortcuts:

Shortcut name Keyboard shortcut Action
Log off Shift + Control + Alt + L Log off
Restart Shift + Control + Alt + R Restart
Shut down Shift + Control + Alt + S Shut down
shut2ooo Shift + Control + Alt + X Option box (no switch)

If shut2ooo is ran without any switch it displays a short help on command-line switches which are actually action buttons and about info. In this window just click on desired button.


This app is now deprecated, since XP brought it's shutdown utility. Almost every result of this program can be met with this utility, using almost same command-line switches. Try shutdown /? in your command prompt.

Source code

Complete source code for this app was written in Visual Basic 6, setup in NSIS.