Android app

  • Android help app for refugees seeking asylum in Serbia.

  • Small Android app for mass transit system in Belgrade that shows how far is the next bus from your station.

Desktop publishing

  • Small installer for tweaking Adobe® Acrobat® Distiller® installations on Microsoft® Windows®

Digital photography

PHP scripts

  • Simple PHP class for autoconstructing vocative version of a person's first name in BCS languages (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian)

  • PHP script for fast batch generation of EAN-13 barcodes from the given range in monochrome (bitmap) TIFF format


  • Small installer that backs up your current ASPI layer and installs older Adaptec ASPI32 4.60 (1021)

  • Versatile autorun compact disc system which displays HTML presentation in kiosk (fullscreen) mode

Visual Basic

  • Tiny Windows app that enables you to move mouse cursor using numeric keypad

  • Tray app that lets you temporarily disable screensaver activation in Windows with a single click

  • Shutdown forcer for Windows 9x/2000, which really works because it's based on a Microsoft documented issue

  • General purpose plugin for Winamp 2.x which does full system (Windows) shutdown when Winamp reaches the end of playlist

  • Solitaire Yamb/Yahtzee based dice game for Windows® with game saving written in Visual Basic® 6.0


  • Mobile weather site with conditions & forecast for Serbia

Windows Script Host

  • Windows Scripting Component for intuitive I/O operations using FileSystemObject

  • Windows Scripting Component for reading/writing local INI files

  • Windows Scripting Component for number-to-letters (BCS languages) and arabic-to-roman-numerals conversion

  • Windows Scripting Component for reading/writing PostScript (PS) files