2010: A year in travel

2011 calendar front page

This year I've been fortunate enough to travel abroad no less than 3 times! It beats the hell out of a pause I've been having since 2007 and my last trip abroad. I got a new passport in February, and it coincided with the lifting of travel sanctions Europe had put in place against my home country.

This year my girlfriend and myself traveled to:

Of all these trips, last one was the most appealing, since we had a sort of an adventure. First we took the train and traveled to four European cities (Vienna, Prague, Berlin and Stockholm), while staying in each for 2-3 days. For the last leg of the journey, we traveled by plane from Stockholm to Riga, spent a night there, and returned from Riga to Belgrade by plane too.

I made a nice album documenting our journey, and most of the people I showed it to thought the HDR photos turned out pretty well. So in November I came to an idea to make a 2011 calendar from them, in a very limited print run (20 or so copies), to distribute them among friends, family and colleagues.

For an interactive pageflip calendar take a look at the page in my portfolio, larger pages are below. It is a 14-page (7-sheet) wall calendar, measuring 440x300 mm, in full color print. A good friend of mine helped greatly with production management, securing the printing on high-quality digital offset press (HP Indigo 5000). Calendar was bound with a metal spiral, and a handy hook was inserted in it's center for mounting on the wall. It also has nice and strong black cardboard at the back and semi transparent PVC foil in front, in order to consolidate it a little bit.

If next year as half as good to me in the travel area as this one has been, I hope to turn this personal calendar making in some sort of annual tradition ;)

Calendar cover page - Stockholm January - Karlskirche, Vienna February - Rathauspark, Vienna March - Urania observatory on Donau Canal, Vienna April - Old Town Square, Prague May - Potsdamer Platz, Berlin June - Brandenburg Gate, Berlin July - Railway bridge near Bodemuseum, Berlin August - The Jewish Museum, Berlin September - Alexanderplatz, Berlin October - Boat-hostel Af Chapman, Stockholm November - Waterfront, Stockholm December - House of the Blackheads, Riga Calendar impressum - Riga